sábado, 23 de mayo de 2009

Clare Torry and her five minutes of glory

When Pink Floyd was developing the themes for their next album “The dark side of the moon” in 1972, Rick Wright wrote an instrumental piece with some words spoken inspired in death. Roger Waters, the main writer and conceiver of the album concept suggested adding a singer voice so Alan Parsons, sound mixing engineer in the team called a girl he knew, Clare Torry and hired her to do job a Sunday night.
There was no a concrete idea of what they wanted so Clare was asked to do whatever she wanted improvising over the piano base of Rick. After a couple of hours one of the master pieces of rock was done: “The great gig in the Sky”.
It is unbelievable Clare was never invited to sing with the band in their live presentations until 1990 during the Knebworth concert. The solo work of Clare has not had a big diffusion so it is hard for me to judge her job as soloist.
In 2004 (after 32 years) Clare filed a sue against EMI and Pink Floyd demanding the credit as a co author of the work, a settlement was reached in Torry's favor and apparently she received a compensation and the credit in the re editions of the album.
The video presented here is from the album P.U.L.S.E. recorded in London in 1994 (without Roger Waters) . The singers in the video are Sam Brown, Claudia Fontaine y Durga McBroom